Deliverance - Extra Baggage

Extra Baggage

Most believers carry “extra baggage” from the past into their Christian walks. And although we have been perfected through His work on the cross, there is still a work to be done – a process – as I am being sanctified (see Heb 10:14). This sanctification process does not go unchallenged by Satan.

This leads to the inevitable question: Is it possible for a Christian to be demon possessed? I believe the answer is no. But I also believe this to be the wrong question altogether.


Instead, we should ask, is it possible for a Christian to be tempted, to be tormented and harassed by the enemy, to open themselves up to addictions and uncontrollable habits, to have a worldly mind-set and be taken advantage of by the enemy, to be subject to divisions and strife within the church, to give way to pride, to suffer with fear, rejection, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, shame, guilt and condemnation?

Any reasonable observer would say, “Yes!” So, it is really a question of degrees. To the degree that one gives oneself over, or falls prey to the devil’s lies and deceptions, then to that degree the enemy has a foothold in his or her life (see Eph 4:27). Reality would declare that we in the church need deliverance.