2015 Fall Season Highlights

Here is a look at some of the life changing testimonies we received this Retreat season:

One of my favorite parts of the Retreat was when they poured water over my hands and I physically washed away the veil of shame from my face, shame I didn’t even know I was carrying around. The Lord revealed so many things to me, too many for me to name. But the greatest gift he gave me was telling me it wasn’t my fault. I made my choices, but I did not invite this sin into my life. I am delivered, I am healed, I am transformed. I am a new creation in God.
God has brought me into a closer relationship with him through Cleansing Stream. I’ve been saved 33 years but I’ve carried hurts, fears, anger and so much more throughout the year. It wasn’t until entering the Cleansing Stream that I learned that I could and how to break free of that bondage. I would definitely want to be part of this awesome, God-anointed ministry.
God let me know and showed me how to love and be loved and taught me things I never knew about myself when it came to pride and rejection. They were the main cause of a lot of pain in my life. And now, I am free from that in Jesus name.
I was set free from soul ties and the spirit of rejection. I left the Retreat feeling free and full of hope.
I had a great experience at the Cleansing Stream Retreat. God healed me of hurts from the past and from abuse, I was able to forgive my father. I feel like I have hope for a new beginning in my life and I can love myself again.
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