Cleansing Stream Colombia

God did it again! The following are a couple of the testimonies from our recent Cleansing Stream Event in Bucamaranga, Colombia.

Cleansing Stream in Bucamaranga, Colombia.

Cleansing Stream in Bucamaranga, Colombia.

Diana is a woman in her 40's that really applied herself in the Cleansing Stream Seminar.  Her face looked so radiant and she was so excited that she even brought a friend. Dianna told us how her family, friends and coworkers all commented on how different she looked and asked, "What happened to you!"  Before Cleansing Stream, she struggled with an orphan heart but she didn't know it.  Now that she is free, everything is different, including her relationship with her mother who is aging badly and needs constant care. Diana is her mom's care giver and it hasn't been easy. She was so bitter that she couldn't even look at her mom's face while "caregiving" she just worked like a machine. Now she's praising God and testifying to what the Lord has done in her. How she sees her mom in a new light of love and appreciation.


It's truly a beautiful transformation.


Mario has been married for over 40 years. He and his wife did Cleansing Stream together. Mario testified about how he has struggled with multiple sexual issues in his mind for many years and after the class and ministry time for "Ties That Bind"  he recognized the work of Satan in his life, became free and has joy. Mario said it was like something was taken off my shoulders and "now I am free!"