Getting Started

Learn how to start the Cleansing Stream Seminar in your church, small group, or school.


The Cleansing Stream Seminar is an 8-12 week series of classes which prepare and disciple participants to receive healing and deliverance. The classes culminate in a one day event in numerous locations around the country. 


Come be a part of the stream of deliverance and healing as the Lord touches His people.  Whether you are coming as a participant or serving, God's presence will change your life forever! 

Through Cleansing Stream, you will be set free, empowered, and equipped to discover your gifts - and use them to reach others. It will show you how to get closer to God and fulfill your destiny.
Cleansing Stream has helped me get ‘unstuck’ in my walk with God. It helped me move forward in becoming who God made me to be by helping me deal with the issues that blocked me from growing spiritually.
I am so very blessed! Thank you for hosting a miracle in my family. Cleansing Stream brought everything I’ve believed and walked over the last 12 years into a 6 week awakening — thank you Jesus!

Cleansing Stream University


CSU Module 1



CSU Module 2

Basic Training


CSU Module 3

Intermediate Training