Cleansing Stream University

Cleansing Stream University (CSU), is the dynamic new four module advanced ministry training program. These four excellent modular courses are designed for those who have completed the Cleansing Stream Seminar and One Day Event and are recommended by their pastors. Participants receive development in discipleship, equipping them to minister healing and freedom.

Your training through Cleansing Stream qualifies you, under pastoral approval, to serve in your church and in other locations at Cleansing Stream Events nationally and internationally. If you're interested in serving, contact us at:
[email protected]

CSU Module 1 DVD Set: Intercession
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Module 1 Video Sessions

Session 1: Preparing for Ministry
(Pastor Gary Howse) 42 min.

Session 2: How to Hear the Voice of God
(Bishop Joseph Garlington) 44 min.

Session 3: Prophetic Intercession
(Pastor Seth Fawcet) 36 min.

Session 4: Strategic Intercession
(Pastor Mary Ann Young) 27 min.

Module 1 Workbook

Session 1: Preparing to Minister

The purpose of this Cleansing Stream University training is not only to prepare you to minister effectively to others whom the Lord places in your path, but also to teach us how to position our own hearts before the Lord to allow Him to do a refining work in us.

As we look specifically at the purpose of this session, Preparing to Minister, we’ll focus on the importance of our own intimacy with the Father. To help us do that, we will look at three specific parts that contribute to a growing intimate relationship with God.

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Session 2.png

Session 2: How to Hear the Voice of God

The issue is not that God doesn’t speak, but that God DOES speak and people don’t notice that He is speaking. He speaks through dreams, pain, and a variety of other ways.

Session 3: Prophetic Intercession

As we look specifically at the purpose of this session, Prophetic Intercession, our foundation is that we are speaking what God sees, what God knows, and what God wants and desires for another person, so that they can then speak for themselves. Prophetic Intercession is a ministry of the Holy Spirit through us to other humans.


Session 4: Strategic Intercession

Strategic Intercession is a level of prayer and intercession which is often an untapped weapon of warfare but when tapped into, has amazing results in the Spirit realm with breakthrough, advancement of God’s Kingdom, and His blessings poured forth.

Cleansing Stream International is not only a deliverance ministry but a ministry of discipleship. We have partnered with Heaven to equip the saints to do God’s Kingdom business in building up His Body as a friend of the Bridegroom.