2017 Year-End Review

We’ve shared amazing true life stories from around the country and around the world. Please join us in taking a look back at some of the most memorable moments from 2017.

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This is a time when we talk about peace, we hear about peace and yet so often during this season it's a time when people's hearts are not very restful. They're having difficulties in relationships or finances or health. And when it's time to celebrate peace, there's such a difficulty.
"While we were worshiping, all the pain went away and the swelling went down. Because I told God, 'I know who you are and I'm not leaving here unwhole. You're going to do everything for me today because I came expecting a move from you.'
Our church has been using the Cleansing Stream Ministry, both the Basic Seminar and Cleansing Discipleship, for approximately 15 years. I can testify that Cleansing Stream has been the best tool we have provided for our people to learn how to do ministry.
"It has been a wonderful, wonderful time seeing what God has been doing with the people. We have had Cleansing Stream Events through two different revolutions. Presently, I would say we have had 30-50 people every year going through the Cleansing Stream sessions and the Event and 15-20 people doing Discipleship.
"On the subject of Guilt, Shame, and Condemnation, we can understand how the enemy uses that to bring insecurity and fear and to steal God's very best for our lives. But what the Lord showed me some years ago was that false guilt is just as deadly." These stories are our history.

Merry Christmas from the Cleansing Stream International staff!