I Am Free

The following is just a small sample of the testimonies of changed lives that have come from our events this year:

I am free, I am a new creation in Christ. The Spirit is going to work profoundly in my life to bear much fruit.
I’ve been a Christian for 25 years and I didn’t know I needed to be set from from so many things, but I am free!
I’m so thankful that I learned about Cleansing Stream. I’m going to tell everyone about it. I’m thankful for God rescuing me and saving me from the Spirit of Rejection from all my past.
I needed to figure out my identity in Christ. Through Cleansing Stream, it has totally changed my perspective of who God is, and who I am to Him. I came with a list of things that I wanted to be free from. Everything we went up to get free from was on the list.
I had never felt accepted so I started to seek approval in men. Today, I am free from that.
I had been holding a lot of things in from my prior past that I suppressed. Now I’ve finally got to the bottom of it, to the root of it. I could not be happier.
I just submitted myself. He rescued me from so many different things today - I am free!