Inheriting the Promises of Prayer

I was driving through the cold and gusty winds of Colorado to the weekly prayer meeting I was leading. It was my favorite time of the week. This group of intercessors and I had been pressing into praying for the nations of the world. We saw dramatic answers to our prayers. Each week brought excitement and expectancy. We wondered how the Lord would lead. What would He speak and when would we see the answers?

As I drew closer to the location of our meeting, I asked the Holy Spirit to speak to me concerning what was on His heart. I sensed a deep impression concerning India; so much so, that I strongly felt this was to be the focus of our intercession. When I entered the prayer room several intercessors had already gathered. I quickly asked, “Are any of you feeling impressed to pray for India today?” Three of them immediately responded. They, too, felt the Lord speaking to them concerning India as they were driving to our meeting. We knew at that moment that we had our prayer assignment for the day.

In agreement we began to pray and intercede for India. We invited the Lord to direct us specifically in our prayers. God’s presence was tangible in the room. We raised our voices together in unison feeling urgency for this nation. One of the intercessors strongly moved by the Holy Spirit said, “I feel that there are believers who are being persecuted right now for their faith; and we are to pray for their safe release.” Another prayer warrior quickly agreed, “Yes, I am feeling strongly led with the same impression.” As the leader of this group, I have learned that when two or three of us hear the same thing, we need to pray in agreement.                

Over the next two hours, we cried out for those believers who were held and interrogated for their faith. We prayed that their release would come quickly, swiftly, and miraculously. We asked that God’s favor would go before and behind these precious brothers and sisters, and that those holding them captive would free them. We prayed until we felt a release from the Spirit and knew we had faithfully interceded and completed the assignment entrusted to us.

The morning following, we learned that twenty-four hours earlier workers of an evangelistic ministry in India were captured and interrogated. The region in which they work is highly persecuted. Once a Christian believer is discovered they are almost always imprisoned and tortured for their faith. But miraculously, the police officials released them without torture or imprisonment. It was truly a miracle from the Lord. Our weekly prayer meeting is held in the offices of this same evangelistic ministry focused on spreading the gospel to the nations of the world. At this present time, this ministry is effectively doing this in 92 countries.

Friends, prayer and intercession are truly an exciting adventure and an awesome partnership that we can engage in with our Lord.

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