Cleansing Stream Youth: Into the Deep

Cleansing Stream is thrilled to announce a version of its powerful program that is designed specifically for young people. It is called CSY: Into the Deep (Cleansing Stream Youth). This dynamic version has been developed in partnership with Chad Daniel and the youth program called YouthBytes.

Into the Deep

This 70 Days of Change includes five one-hour DVD programs along with five matching devotionals. Each devotional booklet contains 14 days of further study. This is the entire Cleansing Stream program in a professional and relevant package. Watch the video below to learn more about CSY: Into the Deep.


Cleansing Stream Youth: Into the Deep has been developed to bring cleansing and healing to a new generation.  If the incredible testimonies of teens that have already gone through it are any indication, we have created an effective and powerful discipleship tool.  Take advantage of this powerful curriculum and help set your teenagers free!  Our new Youth Break-Out sessions provide a retreat experience geared specifically towards youth.  Please check out the CSY Journals and DVD Sessions, now available in our Resources section.

Youth Break-Outs


Next Step - Spiritual Formation Series

One of the great enemies the Church faces in this generation is teenage boredom with the things of God. YouthBytes is a DVD resource that is designed to give anyone working with young people a powerful new tool to engage the faith of teens and young adults. The Spiritual Formation Series takes youth who have completed the CSY-Into the Deep program into a formative, second year experience.

The YouthBytes Spiritual Formation Series contains 40 episodes featuring host Chad Daniel. Each episode is designed to help churches and individuals reach and disciple young people with the Gospel. YouthBytes uses some extreme measures to confront the needs of teenagers in this fast paced, high tech world we live in. We never change the message but we do believe in changing the methods that we use to communicate timeless truths about Jesus Christ and about living a life of faith.

Includes: 20 DVDS each with 2 Full Episodes

TV Show (28-30 Minutes)
Directors Cut - (7-13 Minutes)
Standard Youth Group Cut (6 Minutes)
Sermon Illustration Cut (3 Minutes)
Promotional Cut (1 Minute)