Marriage Live DVD Set

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Marriage Live DVD Set

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  • What happened to the joy in our marriage?

  • Why do we feel isolated?

  • Where did our romance go?

These are questions that many married couples ask themselves. If you're looking for a way to breathe new life into your marriage, or simply want to enhance your relationship, MarriageLive is designed for you.

Join best-selling author John Bevere (Messenger International) as he explores the parallels between God's grace and living out your marriage. Follow Lisa Bevere (Messenger International) as she unravels the roles of husband and wife in marriage and God's unique design for couples.

Our marriages were never meant to be a power struggle. It is a power union. God said, ‘A man and a woman together is so powerful, I will entrust them with the ability to produce life.
— John & Lisa Bevere