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The MarriageLive Seminar...

Cleansing Stream is pleased to announce the release of our new marriage seminar and live event, entitled MarriageLive.  This is truly a relationship study course in every sense of the word. MarriageLive addresses challenges faced in marriage today.  With our foundational approach to Biblical principles, Cleansing Stream has heard the Heart of the Father and created a seminar experience that married couples can complete together in the comfort and privacy of their own homes, in a small group or cell group setting, or through the local church to uncover the devices of the enemy that bring strife and undermine communication with each other and with the Lord.

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Cleansing Stream Basic Seminar...

Participating in the Seminar and Retreat will be an avenue the Lord will use in this restoration process, establishing our roots as He nurtures, prunes and matures us in righteousness for His Glory!

The commitment involves:

  • Attendance at the five Session teachings—four Sessions in preparation for receiving ministry at the Retreat and the fifth Session following the Retreat
  • Completion of the Session homework reinforcing the truth presented and putting them into practice
  • Implementation of foundational disciplines
  • Transparency and accountability to leadership and the small group
  • Attendance at a Cleansing Stream Regional Retreat

The unique combination of revelation (teachings and resources), relationship (small groups) and restoration (retreat) brings results—changed lives!

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Discipleship Training...

If your church has gone through The Cleansing Stream Seminar and Retreat you will want to consider this Training! It is a tremendous tool for developing lay leaders and cleansing the Body of Christ.

When people experience personal healing and deliverance, many desire to learn how to help others do the same. If you have gone through The Cleansing Stream Seminar and Retreat you have experienced it firsthand! The gospel message Jesus taught and lived includes deliverance and healing for our whole being: spirit, soul, and body.

The Cleansing Stream Discipleship Training, prepares those who participate to minister deliverance. The Training disciples those to minister on a team to others in the local Church and one-on-one to the larger Body of Christ at Cleansing Stream Retreats. This Training has a substantial commitment and is for these prayerfully chosen by Pastoral Leadership, who have received healing and deliverance themselves through The Cleansing Stream Seminar and Retreat.

The Training effectively combines discipleship, ministry and accountability to provide strong Biblical foundations from which to move into ministry.

To learn more about Discipleship Training contact us by email or call 800.580.8190

CSY-Into the Deep...

Cleansing Stream is thrilled to announce a new version of its powerful program that is designed specifically for young people.  It is called CSY-Into the Deep (Cleansing Stream Youth).  This dynamic new version has been developed in partnership with Chad Daniel and the newly-released teen program called YouthBytes.

This 70 Days of Change includes five one-hour DVD programs along with five matching devotionals.  Each devotional booklet contains 14 days of further study.  This is the entire Cleansing Stream program in a professional and relevant package.



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Cleansing Our Kids...

We, as parents, make sure our children receive vaccinations and the booster shots. Cleansing Our Kids is like an immunization series against the plans of the enemy. This is a kid-friendly version of the adult Cleansing Stream Seminar. The Seminar principles are presented in a style and format that elementary age children can understand and apply.

We believe what the Cleansing Our Kids theme scripture says about our responsibilities as parents and the church to the next generation...

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"...You must love the Lord...and you must commit yourselves wholeheartedly to these commands...repeat them again and again your children. Talk about them when you are home and when you away...when you are lying down and when you are getting up..."
Deuteronomy 6:5-7 NLT


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