Cairo Success

Cleansing Stream Ministry finished in mid-December.  Testimonies of answered prayers, healing, growth in Christ, and thankfulness reported from the participants.  Praise God for his faithfulness to the team and his people to hear our cries for anointing and deliverance.  He showed up every night and ministered to all. 

Deliverance Sessions  November through Early December

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People were refresh in the truth of God's grace and forgiveness and they took a stand against guilt, shame, and condemnation through confession and being steadfast in God's truth about who they are in Christ.

People attending the sessions came forward for healing from past trauma and abuse; and dealt with participating in the cycle of abuse in their own lives, they also broke off sexual soul ties and other ties that weigh them down in their walk with Christ.  Of course, we also dealt with infirmities, the spirit of death and the doors we've opened in the past to occultic practices.

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Jonathan Turned 15!

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Jonathan celebrated his birthday one week before Christmas in his usual style - a boy party!  His closest friends, including one who currently attends a boarding school in Kenya, came to celebrate his big day in a 2 night sleepover.  It was a constant noise of laughter, boisterous play, and very little sleep!

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Jonathan and I wrapped up 2017 by spending Christmas in Athens and the new year in Rome.  We had a wonderful time enjoying rain, good food, walking through the quiet streets (compared to Cairo), and visiting churches and museums.  Spending New Year's Eve at the Colosseum with my son was extremely special and memorable. I took great pleasure in hearing Jonathan's commentary and observations of both places.

2018 Upcoming Events - Discipleship

Starting tomorrow - February 12 through May 28th, I will begin CS Discipleship at Petrescue Bible Institute every Monday night. This will be for those who have gone through the deliverance sessions and wish to go deeper with Christ for the use of ministry at their church and/or for their personal walk with our Lord. I  cover topics such as keeping Jesus first, personal holiness, having a servant heart, the blood of Jesus, the sword of the Spirit, intercession and warfare, and how to use team prayer at your church.  Prayer points for this Spring season are:

  • Fresh anointing and grace from the Holy Spirit for each teaching session for myself, my translators, and the disciples themselves.
  •  For the disciples to obey what God reveals them as we go through each teaching - some of these disciples are new babes and only "two years old" in the faith and are still working through old beliefs.
  • Strength for my personal ministry to those at my church, those attending my class, and those God brings to me. Pray my heart is tender and always willing to freely give as I have freely received.
  • This season of fasting before Easter - pray for protection of the Middle Easter and African Christians and the calling of those whom God wishes to bring out of darkness into His glorious light.

We really value and need your prayers. Thank you for them. Continue to lift up our language classes and us personally. We need grace in every way to be a light and your intercession for us makes this happens.  We need grace to overcome the flesh and walk in the Spirit, so Christ's name won't be tarnished. I bless each of you and hope to hear from you each to know how I can pray, so we can be edified mutually.

Thank you for your financial giving! I was able to help out several refugee and expat families in need during the holidays and support my translator in her personal ministry to Spain because of it. God bless you!

We love you all and hope to hear from you soon.

Timithia Miller