About The Source

The Source is a division of Cleansing Stream International (CSI), the healing and freedom ministry that has blessed hundreds of thousands of people around the world for over 30 years. Our Biblical approach is unique and effective as we address and release those elements that keep us trapped in oppression.

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At The Source we view healing and freedom through the lens of the whole person – spiritually, mentally, and emotionally – in a caring and compassionate way. Our earthly experiences have often hindered us from moving forward to access our preordained life's purposes. In this virtual experience, the participant is guided through foundational truths to remove hindrances and realize a full and fruitful life. Our virtual programs are personal, confidential, and convenient, and can be experienced through the comfort of your own home.

What is The Source?

The Source is a virtual division of Cleansing Stream International. Through The Source a participant can access Helpers who will personally walk you through a dedicated time of ministry for healing and deliverance.

What topics are covered?

Each session is individually tailored to the needs of the individual or couple. You should complete the online questionnaire with as much detail as possible and highlight the area for which you’re most interested in receiving prayer.

Who are the Helpers?

The Source Helpers are people who have been trained by Cleansing Stream International in the areas of healing and deliverance. They have each served in a leadership capacity at local, national, and/or international events and have many years of experience. You may request ministry from an individual or couple, depending on your specific needs.

How much does it cost?

CSI Source Basic is $95/hour. There is a discount if you purchase 5 sessions in advance.

Do I need to attend the CSI Seminar and Event to participate in The Source?

We highly recommend you attend a local CSI Seminar and Event prior to making an appointment with The Source. In this way you have a foundation for the healing and deliverance ministry and will be prepared to participate in your ministry time.

How can I learn more about the Helpers?

The Source Helpers’ biographies and pictures are located below. You can also call our offices at 800-580-8190 and speak to one of our representatives.

How Set Up an Appointment

Step 3: Contact Source appointment center at 800.580.8190

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Our CSI trained counselors will walk you through the process of maintaining healing and freedom. The sessions are held virtually through an online format. This unique approach is a proven step-by-step methodology that assists you to identify the strongholds in your life, take appropriate action to rid yourself of the things that keep you trapped, and offer you follow up techniques for assistance as you continue to walk in your newly found freedom. This option is designed for participants who have already been through the Cleansing Stream Basic Seminar and have experienced the 1-day Event. The virtual healing and freedom is specifically designed for those who want more.

Source Helpers

Our Source staff has been trained through the Cleansing Stream Basic Seminar, and Event experience successfully navigated years of discipleship training through Cleansing Stream University, and have efficiently completed other disciplines, such as pastoral leadership, divinity and theology, organizational leadership, and Christian and secular mental health counseling.

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Pastor Raymond Pettitt

Pastor Raymond has served in a pastoral capacity for CSI for over 15 years and has brought healing and freedom to over 25 countries utilizing the proven techniques of our CS Basic Seminar. He has also served as a pastoral leader forover 42 years and brings a presence that is both loving and inclusive.


Pastor MaryAnn Young

Pastor MaryAnn has served as the intercessory and prayer leader at CSI for more than 18 years. Her unique approach to experientially training the disciplines of intercession has taken her around the world, and in some cases, strategically. Pastor MaryAnn is a gifted teacher and healer and appears on many of the CSI video productions.

Sharon DeBoer.jpg

Pastors Alan & Sharon DeBoer

Pastors Alan and Sharon were in pastoral ministry for 40 years before retiring ("refiring") a few years ago to focus more on Inner Healing and Deliverance.  Their hearts desire is to see people experience deep freedom.  They have been in leadership with CSI for nearly 20 years. They have ministered in various cultures, bringing instruction and training.  Pastors Alan and Sharon are gifted communicators and continue to advise and inform our CSI materials. 


Pastor Lucinda Guarino

Pastor Lucinda has served in leadership at CSI for more than 15 years both in administration and as a leader at Events. She has been an associate pastor focusing on healing for those oppressed by interpersonal violence and family ministry. Pastor Lucinda is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, currently earning clinical hours for licensure.