Signed In His Blood

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Signed In His Blood


By Ray Beeson

The Most Powerful Weapon in your Spiritual Battles

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The bible paints a vivid picture of an unseen but very real war going on in the heavens. Revelation 12:11 describes some of the weapons available to God's people for "fighting the good fight." The first weapon mentioned is Christ's blood.

Do you know how to use this powerful weapon? Signed in His Blood explains the amazing relationship between Christ's blood and our covenant with God, bringing together both the Old and the New Testaments to demonstrate the incredible hope we have in Jesus for freedom and deliverance.

Ray Beeson takes us beyond common metaphorical terminology and explores the rich meaning that life is indeed in the blood.
— Dr. Neil T. Anderson, Found and President, Freedom in Christ Ministries
The most comprehensive exploration of this important subject that I have read. With gratitude to the author, I recommend this book to all.
— John Dawson, President, Youth With A Mission International
In this book Ray Beeson invites us to a journey, a journey that will cause us to worship our God for His unspeakable love and provision. That love and those provisions are Signed in His Blood.
— Chris Hayward, President, Cleansing Stream Ministries

About the author:

Ray Beeson is the director of Overcomers Ministries, a teaching ministry with a special emphasis on spiritual warfare and prayer. Ray teaches seminars on spiritual warfare, prayer, and Christlike living and is the author of numerous books, including The Real Battle and Strategic Spiritual Warfare, and the coauthor of The Hidden Price of Greatness and Don't Miss the Point.